You are what you read (#2)

Chance favors only the prepared mind’ – Louis Pasteur

How better to ‘prepare the mind’ than reading. Here are a few recommendations from some of the great reading lists we’ve seen recently:

  • 5 years of reading in 140 characters:  Co-author of New York Times bestseller, Trust Agents Julien Smith, has been reading a book a week for more than five years. He started wondering what he’d learned, so noted the lessons from 200 of them – in 140 characters.  A terrific list:  Lessons I learned reading over 200 books
  • And our recommendations:  Most of the following are available on the Kindle and all are quick, inspirational reads. (Amazon links provided):

Originally published in 1936, this book and has sold more than 15 million copies.  

Tom Peters , co-author of the seminal In Search of Excellence  (and multiple other best sellers)  tweeted last week:

“Am re-reading “How to Win Friends and Influence People” cover to cover. Might well deserve:   “Only management book you need to read.”

 If time is short a summary is now conveniently available on Amazon as an appetizer.

And for this new era – an  updated version was released late last year:  How to Win Friends and Influence People in the Digital Age  

Timing is everything.  In this book, marketing and leadership strategist, and best selling author, David Meerman Scott, shows how being alert and responding to breaking news in real-time can  generate media coverage for yourself or your business. Always ahead of the game, David is one of my favourite marketing authors.  Subscribe to his blog: WebInkNow

Described by the author as: “Tough love .. for yourself;” and by Esquire as: “A vital gem … a kick in the ass.”

By the same author:  Do The Work – a manifesto, which shows it’s not about better ideas but actually about doing the work.

In The Flinch Julien  shows how mastering this instinctive reaction will help you and your organisation achieve your goals.

I really enjoyed this one. It’s about unifying work and love.   Hugh Macleod is a popular artist, cartoonist, blogger and speaker. His new book will be out in April.  See more of Hugh’s work at his website:  Gaping Void.

Happy reading!  What are you reading?

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