StratEgy (V3 Iss 4)

Marketing Is Us StratEgy E-NewsletterWelcome to this edition of StratEgy!

It seems we’re at the mercy of Mother Nature more than ever this year. The tragic extent of last Friday’s earthquake and tsunami in Japan is still largely unknown. If you have family and friends in Japan, we hope they are safe and send our thoughts and prayers to everyone there.

On a brighter note – we’ve just completed a couple of strategic reviews and updates for clients. It’s so wonderful to see their organisation’s growth – which began with a sound plan and strategy.

And don’t forget – if you are looking for a template – we’ve compiled six different sets in The Marketing Is Us Tool Kit. Each Kit contains five to six easy to use, electronic templates and instructions. The Tool Kit provides an affordable yet strategic approach to marketing, helping you work through the most important processes step by step. We’re also available for additional mentoring support.

I hope you enjoy this edition of StratEgy.

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