Your brand – so much more than your logo

It is a new year – with fresh resolves.

A time to update the brand – perhaps change the logo – right?   No, not quite. This thinking is expensive and can have dire outcomes.

A brand is essentially a mark or distinguishing element.

It’s your company identifier – almost like your personal signature.

As such it represents everything your organization offers and stands for, encompassing the entire experience a customer has with your product/service – and your organization. How you answer the phone, whether customers find you easily, consistency in product and service quality, the tangible clues to your service quality; all of these contribute to your customers’ overall experience of your brand and ultimately its value and equity.

Your brand comprises multiple attributes of which the mark is just one indicator.

It is interesting to note Woolworths fresh new look – the first in 21 years. Their surrounding media release attests the importance of ‘walking the talk’. Woolworths’ new look follows a long tradition of offering customers ‘fresh food and exceptional value’. Their new logo encapsulates that tradition, and is set to continue with further service enhancements. Woolworths’ new logo is a culmination of their efforts to create a memorable customer experience, and is representative of future efforts.

It is their customer experience that is the real brand focus – not just the logo.

So if you’re tempted to update your logo, firstly review your customers’ experience with your organisation. Why not consider adding value to that before altering your mark.

Your brand will be so much stronger as a result.


Anne Sorensen is Director of Marketing Is Us, a specialist marketing consultancy dedicated to facilitating business growth by providing strategic marketing solutions. She holds a Bachelor of Business (Marketing), MBA and is a Certified Practising Marketer with the Australian Marketing Institute. E:

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