Branding values, vibe & synchronicity

A few months back we discussed how a brand is so much more than a logo, proposing that it encompasses a customer’s entire experience with a product or service, including how they are greeted on the phone, the ease with which they can find your business and the consistency of product/service quality they receive.

Recently I had the pleasure of listening to two design professionals reinforce these points. Pip McConnel-Oats from visual communication firm Lumino, spoke of the brand as a promise and the need for its provider to continually deliver on that promise to earn customers’ loyalty.

At the heart of a brand’s promise however, is its values. So what does your brand stand for?

At Marketing Is Us, our brand values include professionalism, innovation, insight and marketing intelligence. As a specialist strategy marketing consultancy, these values  underpin everything we do in providing cost effective, strategic marketing solutions to our customers.

A brand’s values should be consistently demonstrated in the customer experience of the product or service. Clarity in both brand values and strategy execution can facilitate an organisation’s connection with customers, building one on one relationships with them.

A brand can also be likened to a person or personality.

Tim Layton, Senior Design Manager at Westfield believes a brand is a vibe, and that synchronicity can be achieved when a brand’s values are integrated and reinforced in the physical environment – namely the retail store.

In a crowded market place, such harmony manifested in the store’s physical design can differentiate the brand, delivering it significant competitive advantage. Cohesion and clarity between a brand’s values and the physical representation evident in the retail store environment ensures maximum synchronicity, adding to the brand’s overall vibe.

Ultimately the combination of these factors contribute markedly to the customer experience.

So by now I’m sure you know a brand is so much more than your logo .. but perhaps it is timely to reflect on your brand’s values and your customers’ experience of your brand.

 Does their experience mirror your brand’s values? And if you have a retail store – does it truly represent your brand? If it doesn’t – what changes can you make to ensure greater synchronicity?

Finally what vibe does your brand convey?

A brand embodies multiple aspects, the synchronicity of which will not only strengthen and differentiate your brand, it will also lead to more consistent and harmonious customer experiences resulting in new and loyal customers, and increased sales.

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Anne Sorensen is Director of Marketing Is Us, a specialist marketing consultancy dedicated to facilitating business growth by providing strategic marketing solutions. She holds a Bachelor of Business (Marketing), MBA and is a Certified Practising Marketer with the Australian Marketing Institute. E: Engage with Anne by joining their Blog; Follow on Facebook and Twitter


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