White space in marketing strategy

White space in marketing strategy. Commercial zen.

White space could be considered a rather Zen like concept. Noiseless. Calm. Uncluttered. It’s also very important for communication and has applications for marketing strategy.

A kind of magic. Happy birthday World Wide Web.

What were you doing in 1991? The year was marked by the breakthrough of grunge music, the sad passing of Freddie Mercury and the birth of the world’s first website.

It’s Census time! Shedding light on our population.

The Census provides information valuable to marketing strategies.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) will conduct the Census of Population and Housing on Tue 9 August to capture an accurate snapshot of Australia and our characteristics, providing valuable information for business decision making and marketing strategy.

Understanding customers, Bernard Salt and matters demographic.

understanding your customers and shaping your products and services accordingly, are critical for effective marketing strategy. Understanding your customers also involves identifying those trends which are likely to impact their purchase behaviour in some way. Bernard Salt is an Australian demographer who has been identifying trends for more than twenty years.

Marketing lessons from ‘gadget granny’.

Understanding your customers and shaping your products/services accordingly, are key to sound marketing strategy. Research such as the AustraliaSCAN data provides customer insights to facilitate this process.

A rich marketing conversation

Conversation Agent Valeria Maltoni marketing strategist

Valeria Maltoni is a marketing strategist, speaker and author of popular marketing blog Conversation Agent. Valeria provides posts which are always valuable, thought provoking and in-depth.

Seizing Selling Opportunities

A clever sales example.

istockphoto recently provided an interesting example of seizing selling opportunities.

Don’t ditch the marketing strategy

Marketing strategy is still essential in the era of technology

An exchange on David Meerman Scott’s WebInkNow blog raised some interesting questions about marketing and the importance of marketing strategy in today’s world of technology. Despite the changes in technology and their impact on our customers’ behaviour, some fundamentals have remained the same.

Groovy Oovie – self-serve DVD

Oovie convenience, value for money innovation

Oovie is a self serve dvd machine providing customers convenience and value. For marketing strategy, Oovie is a great example of technology induced innovation.

Leveraging Linkedin

Linkedin social media platform for business

With Linkedin’s IPO last week, there has been a plethora of posts of how to leverage this social media platform. Here are a few we’ve found.

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