Marketing Plans

Failing to plan is planning to fail“ - Henry Ford

A marketing plan is your blueprint for action and the ultimate cost effective marketing tool.

Your organisation’s  marketing plan extends from the business plan and ensures all marketing activity is aligned with your organisation’s values, vision and mission.  

A tightly written marketing plan details integrated and targeted activity based on market analysis, and protects you against  wasted expenditure on mistimed and misdirected activities.

Marketing Plans to suit your needs

We tailor your marketing plan to your requirements, with the type of plan dependent upon the amount of research required.

However, if you’d like to do it yourself – our Marketing Starter Kit will help.

And if need some guidance along the way – we’d love to give you a hand with our Marketing Mentoring service.

Don’t waste precious funds on marketing that doesn’t work.

To discuss your marketing plan needs, please contact us.  You can  Email leave a message via our Contact Form, or telephone: 1300 560 277 (if in Australia) or Skype marketingisus.  We look forward to speaking with you.

What’s in a Marketing Plan?

A marketing plan considers your market, customers and product or service, and provides integrated strategies appropriate for your target audiences.

Plans are succinct, can be summarised in one or two pages, and serve as living documents.

A marketing plan comprises two sections, with the second section harnessing the findings of the first:

(i) Situation Analysis: product/service overview and analysis; market definition, trends,  marketing audit and SWOT

(ii) Marketing Strategies: objectives, target market, strategies, timings, budget and evaluation.

A  holistic and integrated plan is a cost effective approach to building  brand awareness, customers, profits and a sustainable business.

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