Marketing Audit

What is a marketing audit?

A marketing audit is a thorough review of all marketing activities. Aspects considered include: sales and profit patterns; positioning, target markets, promotional activities and results. An audit assesses the success of your marketing activity and identifies opportunities for strategy refinement.

When to audit?

A marketing audit should be undertaken at least once per year as part of the overall business and marketing planning cycles, coinciding with annual plans and budget preparation.

Why audit?

Stopping to reflect and analyse activities is a cost effective process which helps shape more effective strategies and ensures marketing investment is focused and targeted. Marketing activities which have  not produced the outcomes sought,  can be refined or eliminated in  the reformulated strategy.

A marketing audit provides a strong and solid foundation for future action.

If you haven’t stopped to audit your marketing activities in the last twelve months – call us on 1300 560 277 or Email Us to arrange your free consultation.

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