Business evolution: marketing strategy lessons from Cyn

We saw Cyndi Lauper perform this week. I realized it  was the fourth time I’d seen her live – the first was back in 1984!  Like many artists, she has evolved over the past (nearly) thirty years. While her voice just seems to get stronger and more beautiful, her musical choices have also continually evolved.

This sort of evolution and transformation seems characteristic of great artists. Picasso moved through many periods. Brett Whiteley’s early drawings were very different to the paintings he created later in his life. These are just two examples.

Evolution and transformation are also fundamental  to marketing strategy. Shaping your products and services to better solve your customer problems is an organic process.

Today change in customers’ preferences is rapid and ongoing and businesses need to respond and evolve accordingly.

As futurist, David Houle says:

To create value for our customers . .. it’s fundamental that businesses are continually reinventing.”

How can your business evolve?

The first step is to understand your customers’ needs. Here are three ways to help monitor and understand your customers’ changing preferences.

Maintain a dialogue

Talk with customers both online and offline. Take note of their requests and comments about your products, the alternatives available and other aspects of your customers’ lives with which you may be able to assist. Obtain feedback. Ask questions.


It has been said we have two ears and one mouth and should use them in that proportion – good advice!


How can you respond to the information received? How can you enhance your products and services accordingly?

Social media tools such as Facebook and Twitter,  make each of these activities even easier.

And like the great creative artists, businesses too can smoothly evolve. Shaping products and services to suit customers’ changing needs is sound marketing strategy.

Are you keeping track of your customers’ changing preferences? How are you evolving?

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