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Values are the new currency. Purpose is the new paradigm”. – Carol Cone, Edelman.

For the last five years, the world’s largest PR firm, Edelman, has released a comprehensive study that explores consumer attitudes around social purpose and consumers’ expectations of brands and corporations.  Edelman’s 2013 study is due out soon.  Here is the 2012 study.

Their study shows that consumers now expect that organizations demonstrate a purpose that is greater than profits, that they  genuinely care for employees and their customers, and give back to their community. Where, purpose once differentiated an organization and brand, it is now expected as an integral component of the organizations’s activities and strategy. Indeed purpose, as Carol Cone, Global Chair of Edelman’s Business & Social Purpose states, has become a “business imperative”.

Edelman’s recent Trust Report further indicates that an organization’s purpose visibly demonstrates their integrity that in turn drives a consumer’s trust of an organization.

What is your organization’s purpose?  What do your customers care about? Answering these questions will form the foundation of your organization’s business strategy and lead to  marketing that matters.

Five Years of Purpose: 2012 Edelman goodpurpose® Study

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From the heart: qualities for business and life

he other night, along with 50,000 others, I shared in the uplifting experience of seeing Coldplay live. Renowned for being the best live band in the world, their bond with fans is incredible and strong. It struck me that what the band does and how they do it reflects much to what we would all aspire, in business and life.

Great marketing takes time.

“Great marketing takes time,” said best selling author Seth Godin in a recent post. So true. Have you given your marketing enough time? Is your product remark-worthy? What is your story?

Excellence Now.

Described as the father of the post modern corporation, Tom Peters has been providing management wisdom for more than thirty years. Co-author of the seminal “In Search of Excellence”, Tom Peters has written more than a dozen international bestsellers. His passion for Excellence is unrivalled. In 2012 he is releasing one part of a 23 part mega presentation entitled “Excellence Now” with material drawn from more 2500 presentations given over thirty years.

Marketing Keynote with David Meerman Scott

Marketing and leadership strategist David Meerman Scott has shared a keynote based on his best selling book ‘Real-Time Marketing & PR’ . He shows how to instantly engage your market, connect with customers and create products that grow your business – now!

You are what you read (#2)

How better to prepare the mind than reading. This post shares some recently circulated reading lists and a few of our own recommendations.

Empowering women – celebrating IWD12

Marketing Is Us supports International Women

In celebration of International Women’s Day 2012, we cite three local organisations empowering women, and include three TED talks presented by three other inspirational women.

Technology: helping us to be more human

As marketers we need to understand how technology has changed the way our customers live and communicate, and shape our products and services accordingly. Amber Case is a cyborg anthropologist, who studies the interaction between humans and technology. Amber says technology is actually helping us to be more human.

How communities benefit your business

Communities and business strategy

Creating strong brand communities has several business benefits – including building customer loyalty and achieving marketing efficiencies. This post explains how.

Immersion. TED Talk from Jacqueline Novogratz.

An inspirational talk by Jacqueline Novogratz, CEO of the Acumen Fund.

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